HUB for Agents

AccessFares has long been a great resource to the travel agent community.  Agents all over the world have come to us for first and business class airline tickets in search of lower fares and greater income (commissions, mark-ups) for themselves.  Obviously, this is a time consuming and laborious task for them.   As agents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to track down the right fares from the right sources and get the ticket issued in a timely manner.

We have spent the past 25 years learning and understanding the premium airfare market.   We set out to aggregate airfare information in an optimal fashion for any agent to access.  We decided it to call it HUB.

HUB aggregates airfare contracts from multiple sources, including your own, providing the ability to simultaneously search for the lowest private fares and highest commissions.  HUB offers multiple connectivity options via XML/API, native GDS, or our proprietary booking engine.  This results in optimal efficiencies, increased air options, and greater profits.

We invite you give HUB a shot.  Click here for more information.