Air France selected "Airline of the Year" at the 2010 Business Travel Gold Awards


Air France is well known for its luxurious accommodations in its premier classes, and for their efforts, the airline was recently awarded the title "Airline of the Year."

The 2010 Business Travel Gold Awards were organized by IFTM Top Resa International Travel, and ranked Air France at the top of their list because of recent innovations that make traveling more comfortable.

One of the innovations is the introduction of a new business class called Premium Voyageur for long-haul flights. The seats feature a fixed-shell seat that offers travelers 40% more space compared to an economy seat.

Also, Air France is looking to completely overhaul their long-haul business class offerings, by investing more than 100 million Euros in the span of just three years to give passengers more comfortable seats, new ground service and five-star meal service.

"By constantly innovating and adapting its offer in line with business travellers’ expectations, Air France aims to become the world’s recognized leader in this area”, said Christian Boireau, executive vice president of the airline.


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