Air France starts using new Boeing

Air France starts using new Boeing


Business class travelers who often fly in premier class, will be treated to a new interior on some of their next flights on Air France.

The Paris-based airline recently announced that it has started rolling out the newest Boeing in its fleet, which will offer brand new luxuries that will enhance their passengers experience onboard. Air France's 200th Boeing, the new 777-300ER is expected to leave the manufacturing plant in the U.S. on December 9, and will be the first to offer business class upgrades.

Included in the upgrades will be a fixed shell that will increase privacy, along with seats that come with a fixed foot rest and increased storage space. The personal television screens will also be increased to 15 inches wide, reports the airline.

The arrival of the new airplane shows that the airline is still growing and upgrading its services. Air France hopes that by next summer more than 20 aircraft will have been overhauled, and that by 2013 more than 2,000 seats have been installed.

By Jason Faulkner

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