Air France unveils new business class cabins

Air France unveils new business class cabins

Those who purchase business class tickets on their next Air France flight, may notice that the cabins have improved since the last time they have flown.

The airline announced that it will integrating its new Premium Voyageur Cabin for travelers looking to connect their flight from the U.S. to other places in Europe. The cabin upgrades will be integrated starting at the end of 2010, and will be features on many of the airline's newer planes.

Air France will also start offering the new business class on long haul flights to New York, Mexico and Boston, according to the airline.

The upgrade will bring the longest in-flight beds to travelers, which will give travelers more than six feet of space to stretch out and relax. Along with the new lie-flat beds, there will be more storage options and a larger entertainment screen in order to make the experience more pleasant.

More than 20 aircraft will have the new business class cabins by the summer of 2011, while an estimated 40 planes will have the new cabins by 2013, according to the airline.

By Jason Faulkner

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