Airlines turn to celebrity chefs to create meals for premium passengers

Airlines turn to celebrity chefs to create meals for premium passengers

Most people go through life without having tried meals that were prepared by celebrity chefs unless their zip code was 90210. However, as airlines strive to improve their in-flight services for premium passengers, anybody can sample concoctions that have been created by world-renowned chefs, simply by purchasing first and business class tickets.

Many of today's airlines are partnering with culinary stars in order to provide luxury travelers with better dining options. Although the celebrity chefs do not prepare the meals that are served on flights themselves, they do create the recipes, The Street reports.

Airline staff are typically trained to properly store and present these chefs' recipes in a way that will please luxury diners, states the news source. Although travelers who purchase first and business class airfares on a regular basis may be familiar with the high-quality cuisine that is offered in premium cabins, they may not realize how much goes into preparing an airline's menu.

For instance, American Airlines assembles a collection of top chefs, including Nancy Brussat, Dean Fearing and Stephen Pyles, to who brainstorm recipes when the time comes for new menu options, the news outlet reports.

Travelers who hold first class airfares and fly Delta Air Lines have the opportunity to sample meals that have been designed by Miami-based chef Michelle Bernstein, according to the news source. Her dishes are Cuban-inspired and can be paired with a selection of wines. Individuals who fly Delta's BusinessElite will also get to savor Bernstein's creations, which change depending on the time of year, according to the carrier's website. For instance, passengers may enjoy grilled beef tenderloin and shrimp scampi in July, or get to dine on Sautéed salmon Française with citrus Mojo sauce in September.

Meanwhile, international travelers who are flying first class aboard United Airlines are served recipes that are the collaborative effort of Chicago chef Charlie Trotter and the airline's executive chef, according to The Street. While in flight, passengers may dine on menu options like crispy crabcakes and braised endive with goat cheese or grilled sea bass with apricot curry sauce. United's' website states that on international flights, first class passengers are treated to their choice of four entrées.

By Arnold Meyer

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