American Airlines offers passengers a chance to stream video

American Airlines offers passengers a chance to stream video

Technological advances have allowed people to enjoy everything from books to movies on the go. While these services have not always been available to travelers, American Airlines has seen to it that its customers can now stream video content on their laptops in flight.

Although individuals who have purchased first class tickets and business class fares have always had access to in-flight entertainment, this is the first time that passengers on any North American airline will be able to wirelessly stream video on their Wi-Fi-enabled laptops. These changes will be applied to all 15 of the carrier's Boeing 767-200 aircraft.

Passengers who bring their laptops aboard the plane can select the Entertainment On Demand banner that appears on American's inflight Wi-Fi homepage. From there, they will be able to choose from a library of more than 100 movies and television shows that they can watch for their entire flight for between 99 cents and $3.99. 

This in-flight service is easy to use, as passengers can search for entertainment options through various categories, such as title, length and genre. In the event that customers reach their destinations before the end of whatever they have purchased, they will have 24 hours to finish a film and 72 hours to complete a television show.

The airline's ability to offer this service is made possible through a collaboration with Gogo, an in-flight internet service provider.

"We've been deeply involved in developing the concept of streaming video with Gogo, as part of our vision of continuing to elevate the travel experience by pushing the envelope with our inflight entertainment offerings," said Rob Friedman, the vice president of marketing at American. "We continue to execute this strategy and lead in this space by making prudent investments in innovative, cutting-edge technologies."

Friedman added that in the months ahead, American will work with Gogo to make sure that passengers who use tablets and other mobile devices have the ability to stream content while in the air. Furthermore, the carrier hopes to have Entertainment On Demand available on all of its Wi-Fi-enabled planes later this year.

In addition to the new service, premium passengers who purchase first class airfares have access to high-quality amenities, such as Bose acoustic noise cancelling headsets, on select flights, according to American's website. 

By Arnold Meyer

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