Asiana Airlines offers sommelier service on flights to Los Angeles and Frankfurt

Asiana Airlines offers sommelier service on flight to Los Angeles and Frankfurt

People who buy business class tickets on Asiana Airline will soon be treated to a little more luxury the next time they fly.

The airline recently announced that it is offering a new "Onboard Crew Chef & Sommelier Services," on flights to Los Angeles and Frankfurt. With the new service business class travelers will be served award-winning meals and wines.

As part of the chef service, three flight attendants, dressed in chef uniforms, will present premier class travelers with dishes that have been developed especially for passengers on the flight. From canapes to lamb chops, fliers will have access to some of the best meals in the sky.

The sommelier service will mean that flight attendants who receive wine training will decant the various wines on board and help guide passengers in choosing the best wine to pair with their in-flight meal.

“The new services was planned in order to meet the needs of Business passengers and their high interest in wines and cuisines," said senior vice president Taw-Keun Han.“We will expand this service to the New York route by the end of the year and we will also increase the number of this specialized team in which this service will become one of the representing services of Asiana Airlines.”

By Mary D'Angelo

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