Australian Business Traveller profiles United 747 business class cabin

Australian Business Traveller profiles United 747 business class cabin

In a new review, Australian Business Traveller profiled the advantages of the business class cabin in Boeing 747 jets operated by United Airlines.

Each United 747 aircraft is equipped with 52 business class seats, which are divided between the jets' upper and lower decks. Most of the seats are located downstairs and are arranged in a 2-4-2 layout, while the upstairs section features a 2-2 configuration.

In both the upper and lower business class cabins, the seats are arranged in what the source calls a "forward-and-back" pattern. This means that all the seats in a single row face the same way but are either head-to-head or toe-to-toe with the rows directly in front of and behind them.

Passengers flying business class on United can sleep easily, as their seats convert into fully flat beds. The seats in the lower cabin are slight longer than their counterparts upstairs, measuring 78 inches rather than just 74 inches.

Travelers can also enjoy a top-of-the-line in-flight entertainment system while in the air. The system's 15.4-inch screen is reportedly larger than the average across all airlines, while each seat also has power outlets that allow guests to plug in their laptops or other portable electronic devices.

By Christopher Straub

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