British Airways: Demand for first class seats high

British Airways: Demand for first class seats high

As the economy is starting to recover, the demand for first class tickets is continuing to rise.

New first class seats in British Airways' brand new first class cabin are in high demand, according to the London Evening Standard. The airline spent more than £100 million to redo their first and business class cabins earlier this year, and business travelers seem to be pleased with the new offerings.

"We have contemporised first class and created an intimate private jet experience onboard. We have resisted gadgets and gimmicks and focused instead on simplicity and quality, "an unnamed British Airways spokesperson told the news source. "Every feature has been carefully considered and researched to ensure we are giving our customers what they want. People are prepared to pay top dollar for the right sort of luxury and comfort."

Those who purchase first class tickets will notice the new luxuries, including a lie-flat bed that extends out longer than six feet. Pajamas are included, along with a turndown service and a personal closet to hang up suit jackets and store valuables. 


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