Cathay Pacific Airways launches new Chinese food menu


Flying first and business class often means that the meals that are served can be similar in quality to that of a five-star restaurant. Cathay Pacific Airways has announced that it has recently launched a brand new menu to show off the culinary expertise of its chefs.

Known as the "Best in Chinese Food" menu, first and business class travelers will be able to enjoy dishes from some of the best chefs in Hong Kong.

The menu will be available for the next six months and preimer class passengers will be able to taste meals created by six famous local chefs. The dishes will be available on the in-flight menu on the majority of flights leaving from Hong Kong, according to the airline.

Each chef created 20 dishes, including sauteed prawns in garlic and chilli sauce, braised abalone with chicken and vegetables and pan-fried scallops filled with shrimp mousse in pumpkin sauce.

“It is a great pleasure to work together with some of our home city’s most outstanding chefs," said Charles Grossrieder, the Cathay Pacific manager of catering services. "Both Cathay Pacific and our six partner chefs are famed for delivering top-notch products and we are sure passengers will enjoy the results of this latest collaboration.”


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