El Al revamps menu with help of Israeli celebrity chef

El Al revamps menu with help of Israeli celebrity chef

Israeli national airline El Al recently revamped its in-flight dining options with the help of celebrity chef Moshe Segev, reports the Jewish Chronicle.

Segev currently has his own primetime TV show and two acclaimed restaurants, making him one of the most famous chefs in Israel. His cuisine has been served to international luminaries like Gordon Brown and Hillary Clinton.

During the six months he spent working in El Al's kitchens, Segev designed several meals that were able to be mass-produced and could survive packaging, cooling and reheating. These meals were also redesigned to be healthier, with the chef replacing cream and oil with more figure-friendly ingredients.

He also had to train the airline's in-house cooks, who work in facilities in Israel, Thailand, India and the United States, and the carrier's flight crews, teaching them to present the dishes in a way similar to waiters at a restaurant.

New options on El Al flights include chicken legs, slow-roasted beef, sesame-topped bread, cheesecake with lemon zest and "white rice with haricots verts and meat in a wine sauce with carrots, red onions and parsley."

By Mary D'Angelo

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