Emirates makes upgrades to its premium dining experience

Emirates makes upgrades to its premium dining experience

Travelers who regularly purchase first and business class airfares come to expect the finest service in the sky. However, Emirates is taking their commitment to providing a high-quality luxury flying experience to another level.

Individuals who purchase first and business class tickets for Emirates flights will notice a few differences when it comes time to dine in the airline's premium cabins, according to Breaking Travel News.

"We are constantly seeking new ways to not only delight, but also surpass the high expectations of our discerning customers," Terry Daly, divisional senior vice president of service delivery for Emirates, said, as quoted by the news source. "By taking a fine dining experience they may have had as a benchmark, we at Emirates continue to innovate and raise the bar. Redefining not just our onboard product, but also the complete customer service experience is the result of painstaking attention to detail and extensive planning."

Among the changes being made to Emirates' First and Business Class cabins include the introduction of white Royal Doulton fine china and Robert Welsh cutlery, which will make passengers' onboard dining experience simple, yet elegant and contemporary, according to the news outlet.

Also in Emirates' First Class cabins are new types of charger plates, coffee mugs, teacups and soup and salad bowls, states the news source.

Passengers who hold first class tickets for an Emirates flight will have a variety of dining options to choose from. According to the airline's website, travelers who are seated in this luxury cabin can order an appetizer, main course and dessert, while also selecting from a menu of fruits, cheeses and beverages.

A possible meal for a first class traveler aboard an Emirates flight may start off with a serving of wild Iranian caviar, followed by a duck breast that has been glazed with wild forest honey, roasted and paired with a mild cherry sauce. Before passengers approach their destination, they can treat also themselves to banana pudding or strawberry cheesecake.

The dining changes will also affect those who purchase business class fares, as Emirates' Business Class menu will now feature soup dishes, Breaking News Travel reports. To ensure that travelers are enjoying all that their travel experience has to offer, the carrier has put approximately 5,000 cabin crew members through intensive training. 

By Mary D'Angelo

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