Enjoy Spanish-inspired food while flying with Lufthansa

Enjoy Spanish-inspired food while flying with Lufthansa

Lufthansa has become known as a great airline for business and leisure travelers alike. Not only are they known for their luxurious first and business class cabins, but also because of their delicious onboard menus.

The airline recently announced that a new chef, who is part of their Lufthansa Star Chef series, is taking the reigns and will be creating Spanish-inspired offerings. Marc Fosh, a British master chef, has lived and worked in Majorca for 20 years, a fact that has heavily influenced his style of cooking.

Those who fly in Lufthansa's first and business classes during November and December will be treated to a treat. Starters in first class will start with a salad garnished with oranges, black olives, sherry dressing, courgettes, and shaved machego cheese, according to the airline. The main dish will vary between a braised cheek of beef to saffron-crusted halibut.

In the next two months that Frosh will be creating dishes, all passengers in first and business class will be presented with two tins of fine salt to try out in their own kitchen.


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