First class meals for premier class travelers

Flying amongst the clouds is now the best place to enjoy a grand meal in style. Nestled in a first or business class seat for a long haul flight, Jake and Linda Richter enjoyed a meal that could have easily been served in a five-star restaurant.

The Richter's told CNN that during their flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, they were dining in style- and at a table none the less.

"It was as if being at a restaurant," Jake told the news source. "They worked very hard on presentation. Everything was individually plated... It was fantastic."

Business and first class passengers are increasingly being treated to luxurious dining experiences, especially on long haul international flights. Many airlines have partnered with restaurant chefs to make sure that the food that they are offering to their premier class travelers is the best that is available.

For example, a sample dinner menu on Delta Airlines would offer passengers crab cakes with lemon aioli, served with baked spaghetti squash and leeks with red pepper, while Emirates may serve roasted duck breast glazed with wild forest honey, served with cherry sauce, according to the news source.

On many airlines, premier class seats feature private suites with lie-flat beds, providing optimal comfort for those long flights.


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