Food magazine profiles first class dining options

Food magazine profiles first class dining options

In a new article, online magazine Food and Drink Digital profiled the dining options available to first class passengers on some of the world's most prestigious airlines.

Emirates, the national airline of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, reportedly incorporated popular regional flavors into its premium meal service. The carrier's options include stir-fried lobster, fresh-squeezed tropical fruit juice, Aubergine lasagna, tomato and okra soup, Arabic mezze (small plates), glazed duck breast, samke harra (a Middle Eastern spicy fish dish) and braised beef in coconut milk.

Lufthansa, the German flag carrier, works together with the Ritz-Carlton and several world-renowned chefs to create its menus. Items currently in the Lufthansa meal rotation include seard ahi tuna with tomato white bean salad, pan-roasted beef tenderloin with butternut squash risotto cake and porcini mushroom sauce and a vanilla panna cotta with strawberry consomme for dessert.

Passengers can also enjoy deluxe dining options on Qatar Airways, another Middle Eastern carrier. Qatar's dishes include foie gras and caviar, a sushi plate, balik salmon and a tradtional Japanese breakfast.

By Christopher Straub

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