Inaugural A380 flight to Manchester Airport is a total luxury

The Emirates Airlines A380 made its first flight into Manchester Airport at the beginning of this month and offered passengers who maybe used to traveling in luxury a totally new experience.

As the world's largest aircraft, the A380 offers a first class that is second to none, according to the Manchester Evening News. The news provider's managing editor, Eamonn O'Neal, flew on the inaugural flight and said the promised luxury surpasses almost everything that a seasoned first class passenger would expect.

After boarding the flight, O'Neal writes that he was offered a welcoming glass of champagne as he settled into his suite, which offers the option of complete privacy.

This is the first flight to Manchester that offers a first class option as well, according to the news provider.

"Up to now, we have only had business and economy seats available on the Manchester-Dubai route, and it's time offer this new first class option," Sir Maurice Flanagan, the airline's executive vice-chairman, told the news source. "There are 120,000 Brits in the U.A.E., and Dubai is a major destination for friends and family, many of whom are from the Manchester region."

A first class ticket on the Manchester-Dubai route is about £3,400, while business class tickets cost an estimated £2500.



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