Interesting facts about the superjumbo jet

As more airlines are purchasing the ultra luxurious Airbus A380s, premier class passengers may be interested to know some more information about the aircraft before flying on it.

The aircraft's premier class seats, which some airlines have turned into private suites with lie-flat bed capacities, are some of the most highly demanded seats in the sky. However the A380 has many quirks to it that make it truly unique.

For example, there are more than 320 miles of cable wired around the plane, in order to service the flat-screen TV's that are available in the first class suites, according to

Along with that, Emirates Airlines' custom-made aircraft features a shower spa and on board VIP cocktail lounge for first class passengers, making a long haul trip a little more luxurious.

The seats are an extra 1.5 inches wider allowing for everyone to feel comfortable during their flight, according to the news source.

The aircraft constructed for Australian carrier Qantas were even designed to have six self-serve snack bars, four on the lower deck and two on the upper, so travelers who get a little hungry between meals can stretch their legs and satisfy their snack cravings at that same time.


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