Korean Air introduces spacious flights to first and business class travelers

Korean Air introduces spacious flights to first and business class travelers

South Korea's flagship airline, Korean Air, has a new addition to its fleet in the form of the Airbus A380. The carrier's first five aircraft will be delivered by the end of the year, with an additional five to be introduced by 2014.

Korean Air's super-jumbo jets have space dedicated to passengers who wish to purchase first class tickets, as well as an entire upper deck that is specifically devoted to business class travelers.

Although Korean Air is the world's sixth operator of the A380, it is the first airline to use the aircraft in Northeast Asia. What also sets the carrier's super-jumbo jet apart from others that are currently in use is the fact that it boasts the lowest seat configuration of any existing A380 - a total of 407 seats.

Located in the A380's first class cabin are 12 Kosmo Suites. According to the airline's official website, these wide and spacious cubicles almost resemble bathtubs, with a wood finish that is meant to reflect nature. While flying in comfort, passengers have the opportunity to watch videos on a 23-inch LCD monitor or listen to music through a premium headset in their own personal theater. The Kosmo Suite also provides travelers with first class airfares a chance to get a little work done in their own private office space before touching down at their destination.

Individuals who purchase business class tickets occupy the double-decker plane's top floor. In this space, passengers will find 94 full lie-flat seats, which according to the carrier's website, were once only available to first class fliers.

Business class travelers can also enjoy many of the same perks as first class passengers, just on a smaller scale. For instance, the website states that individuals who have business class fares can watch films on a 15.4-inch LCD monitor, or use a large center screen to create their own personal office space at their seat.

In addition to these cabins, the A380 also provides premium passengers with two lounges, the Australian Business Traveller reports. At the nose of the plane, there is enough space for two people to stretch their legs or have a conversation, while the Celestial Lounge can be found on the upper deck. Here, individuals can mingle or have a drink at this aircraft's very own bar.

By Christopher Straub

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