Lufthansa celebrates 10 years of gourmet dining program

Your favorite dishes are now available on Lufthansa Airlines. The airline is currently celebrating its 10 year anniversary of offering first and business class passengers on long-haul flights meals created by award-winning chefs

The in-flight menus rotate every two months in Lufthansa's Star Chefs Gourmet Program, with each menu bearing the signature of the chef that prepared the meals - allowing customers to become acquainted with each chef's cooking style.

During the months of September and October, passengers will have the opportunity to vote for the meal that they enjoyed the most on their flights. However a new twist on this annual tradition is that the current menu is a compilation of the top voted meals over the past ten years.

First class passengers can look forward to enjoying a range of duck specialties served with lentil salads by Daniel Boulud or braised veal cheeks cooked by Sven Elberfeld, according to the airline's website.

So sit back and relax on your next flight while enjoying some delicious food.



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