Lufthansa to raise premium ticket prices

Lufthansa to raise premium ticket prices

Premium travelers who regularly fly aboard Lufthansa will soon be paying more for the airline’s luxury services, The National reported. Passengers who purchase first class airfares for flights within Europe and those who buy business class fares for long-haul routes will be spending more to fly in the carrier’s more exclusive cabins.

According to the news source, Lufthansa’s first class tickets will increase by 100 Euros, while business class tickets will rise by 60 Euros. The decision to raise prices on premium fares is due in part to signs of a recovery in the business travel sector.

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) recently released the results of its Global Business Travel Spending Outlook 2011-2015 study, which revealed that organizations are projected to invest 9.2 percent more in work-related trips over the course of the year. This will bring the expected 2011 business travel total to over $1 trillion.

"Several countries are seeing the rebound happen at a much faster and more stable pace, and we’re seeing that in the pace of business travel spending in the economies of China, India, Russia and Brazil," said Michael W. McCormick, the chief operating officer and executive director of the GBTA. "We’re still bullish on business travel and all signs point towards continued growth."

However, despite whatever progress is being made in countries like China and Russia, Germany’s gross domestic product has had trouble growing as of late, reported. Lufthansa’s decision to raise its ticket prices is also a move to help the airline offset the high costs of oil and the German air-traffic tax.

While raising the cost of first and business class tickets may be viewed as a controversial move by some, Boris Ogursky, a spokesman for Lufthansa was quoted by the news source as saying the changes in pricing are necessary in order for the carrier to offer its "versatile, quality product."

According to Lufthansa’s website, when travelers purchase first class airfares, they have access to luxury services both in the air and on the ground. In addition to having access to the airline’s exclusive airport lounges, passengers can enjoy the comforts of seats that transform into fully flat beds. Similar levels of relaxation can be achieved in business class, where individuals can recline in their chair, or get some work done over the course of their long-haul flights.

By Jason Faulkner

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