Lufthansa to upgrade Boeing 747 first class cabins

Lufthansa to upgrade Boeing 747 first class cabins

Premium passengers flying on German national airline Lufthansa will soon be able to enjoy upgraded service, as the carrier has announced that it is revamping the first class cabins on its Boeing 747 fleet, reports SkyClub News.

The renovations, which will be carried out between April and November this year, are expected to take place on 10 different jets. Passengers flying on the refurbished planes will reportedly find a calmer, quieter and more exclusive first class cabin, which will feature just eight seats and has been designed with visually appealing brushed metal and scarred leather.

On the new lie-flat beds, Lufthansa's first class passengers will enjoy increased comfort thanks to a top-quality mattress. Sound-absorbing curtains and insulation will also decrease ambient noise and create a greater sense of privacy.

First class travelers will also be able to take advantage of a range of different amenities. In addition to the inflight entertainment system displayed on a 17-inch screen, passengers will be given temperature-regulating blankets, pillows and an amenity kit featuring skincare produces from La Mer.

By Arnold Meyer

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