Lufthansa will fly fifth A380 jet to San Francisco

Lufthansa will fly fifth A380 jet to San Francisco

Lufthansa, the German national airline, has revealed that it will begin operating Airbus A380 service to San Francisco when it takes delivery of its fifth superjumbo jet in May, reports Travel Agent Central.

The carrier currently flies the A380 from its hub in Frankfurt to Tokyo, Beijing and Johannesburg, and starting at the end of February it will inaugurate A380 service to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

The top deck of Lufthansa's A380 jets includes two premium cabins. The first class cabin is equipped with eight ergonomically designed seats that measure 6 feet, 9 inches by 2 feet, 7 inches. Additionally, first class passengers can enjoy the use of a pair of spacious bathrooms with separate lavatory and changing areas and an air humidification system that fights jet lag by reducing the dryness of the air.

Also on the top deck of the Lufthansa A380 is the business class cabin, which features 98 seats. Passengers in business class can stow their belongings in expanded storage space and can use power outlets capable of working with any kind of plug from around the world.

By Jason Faulkner

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