Lufthansa works with Ritz-Carlton to create delicious meals

Lufthansa works with Ritz-Carlton to create delicious meals

Passengers who purchase business and first class tickets may be pleasantly surprised by their next meal on Lufthansa.

The airline recently announced that it has partnered up with chefs from the Ritz-Carlton in order to create meals that would rival those served in fine-dining establishments, according to WCSH.

Chefs worked with the airlines to create a meal that would not only preserve well for airline travel, but taste just as delicious as if it were freshly made, reports the news source. Currently the two teams are working on the final menu, but they both want to open up the skies to new food experiences.

"It was a challenge and at first it was odd. It was strange because I don't want to say everything that we did was wrong but we made a lot of wrong steps, so we really had to adapt," Ritz-Carlton Executive Chef Jacques Sorci told the news source.

The meal, once completed, must withstand being frozen, transported and then reheated, while still maintaining the original taste.

By Jason Faulkner

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