Qatar Airways to offer noise cancelling headphones in premier class cabins

The days of noisy flying are over on Qatar Airways.

Phitek Systems recently announced that it has secured a deal with the airline to use their noise cancelling headphones in the fleet's first and business class cabins.

The technology used in their headphone filters out all of the background noise that is prevalent on flights by measuring the field of noise next to the passenger's ear and providing an anti-noise response to combat the sound, according to Phitek Systems.

Without the distracting background noises, premier class passengers can truly enjoy a long haul flight.

Qatar Airways has started the contract in order to meet the demands of their first and business class passengers, who are often traveling around the world for company meetings and other business concerns. Being able to slip on a pair of noise cancelling headphone will ensure that those who want to work, can work undisturbed and those who want to sleep can do so as well.

The technology is already being used in over 50 different airlines.


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