Singapore Airlines introduces new First Class cabin

Singapore Airlines introduces new First Class cabin

Travelers who regularly enjoy the perks that accompany the purchase of first class tickets may have an interest in flying aboard Singapore Airlines' flights that feature the carrier's new First Class cabins.

According to Stuff, a New Zealand media outlet, Singapore has introduced the new cabins to long-haul flights aboard the airline's B777-300ER aircraft. For passengers who hold first class airfares, one of the biggest draws of the new luxury service is the cabin's new seat. There are only eight of these chairs per flight, which only enhances the exclusivity and spaciousness of the new premium product.

The seat itself has a width of 35 inches, which is almost 50 percent wider than the conventional chairs that can be found in other airline's luxury cabins, the news source reported. Due to the seat's dimensions, passengers can now relax in any position they would in the comfort of their own homes, as opposed to sitting in a fixed position for the duration of their flights. Another feature that helps this seat stand out is the fact that it can be converted into the largest full-flat bed flying today.

Those self-conscious passengers who want to relax during their flight and not worry about their fellow travelers staring at them in their sleep need not worry. The news outlet stated that the new cabin is focused on the privacy of Singapore customers. Each seat features a fixed back shell that extends along its sides.

Design-wise, the news source stated that the seats reflect the feel of high-end furniture. Upholstered with light tan and acorn leather, these chairs exude a warm and luxurious mood and feature mahogany wood trimmings. Passengers who are looking to enjoy a meal or need a flat surface to work on can also take advantage of the large and adjustable table that is included with the seat.

While the seat is primarily designed for comfort, it can also serve a number of other purposes. For example, if any electronic devices need charging, passengers can plug them into their chair's charging panel, the news outlet reported. Several compartments can also be found that provide the perfect place to store eyeglasses, gloves, a wallet and any other items that travelers do not want to misplace during their flight.

According to Singapore's website, the airline's other premium travel options include Business Class and its Suites, which can be found aboard the carrier's A380 aircraft. 

By Christopher Straub

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