Singapore Airlines to introduce new wine options

Singapore Airlines to introduce new wine options

Travelers who regularly purchase first class tickets are used to the fine dining options that are provided in airlines' luxury cabins. Now, Singapore Airlines is set to enhance its premium passengers' onboard beverage selection by offering a series of sweet white wines.

On September 1, 2011, the airline will introduce the premium 2009 Château Filhot, Sauternes, the first of the new wine offerings available to Singapore's Suites and First Class customers. This particular wine hails from the Bordeaux region of France, where it is known for its rich sweetness that is the result of a meticulous process that begins in late autumn when the grapes are harvested.

"Château Filhot is a bright yellow-gold, with floral aromas that contain white summer fruits and a touch of citrus and honey," said Steven Spurrier, who serves on Singapore's Wine Panel and is considered to be a leading authority on wine. "The honeyed flavours continue on the palate, which is fully sweet, richly smooth with natural acidity to give beautiful length and balance. Every sip is a revelation of pleasure."

The white wine ferments to about 14 degrees of alcohol, which results in a rich sweetness due to the unfermented residual sugar. This makes Château Filhot a good compliment for the end of a meal or dessert. The wine also goes well with cheese and chocolate.

Singapore's wine selections are chosen by its three wine experts, a distinguished trio that includes Spurrier, Michael Hill-Smith, Australia's first Master of Wine, and Jeannie Cho Lee, the first Asian Master of Wine.

The Château Filhot is far from the first alcoholic beverage to be offered to passengers with first class airfares. The airline also provides a list of other wines and champagnes, such as Dom Pérignon 2000 and Krug Grande Cuvée, as well as an international selection of beer and liqueurs.

In addition to a vast list of wines, travelers who choose to fly in one of Singapore's Suites, which are only available aboard the Airbus A380, will have their own private space to enjoy their flight from. In the First Class cabin, passengers enjoy a seat that is 35-inches wide and can fold out into a fully flat bed for increased levels of comfort.

By Arnold Meyer

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