SWISS Airbus A340 features new business class cabin

Flying to Europe on a business trip may be a little more luxurious, thanks to a new development on SWISS Airline.

During a naming ceremony for the airline's new Airbus A340 HB-JMK, SWISS chief operating officer Rainer Hiltebrand took the change to highlight the changes made to their business class cabin. The ceremony named the newest addition to the fleet "Aarau," one of the 26 Canton's in Switzerland.

“We are pleased and immensely proud that this Airbus A340 will now be travelling the world with the Aarau Eagle on its hull,” mayor of Aarau Marcel Guingard said in a statement.

The A340 is the largest aircraft in the fleet and offers both first and business class cabins, according to the airline. The whole A340 fleet will be equipped with the new cabins by the middle of 2011, as currently only 15 long haul craft have been upgraded.

The new cabins will feature seats with an air cushion system, which will allow passengers to adjust the firmness of the seat to suit their needs. It also extends to a lie-flat bed. 


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