SWISS International Air Lines distributes new in-flight amenity kits

SWISS International Air Lines distributes new in-flight amenity kits

Premium customers of SWISS International Air Lines who have not flown aboard the carrier in some time may notice a change in their amenity kits the next time they purchase first class tickets or business class airfares.

When SWISS business class passengers board their aircraft, they will receive the new QWSTION amenity kit, which was designed in collaboration with this Swiss bag maker to reflect the airline's cabin décor, right down to its seat belts. Inside of this kit, those who hold business class tickets will find airplane basics, such as an eye mask, socks, earplugs, lip balm, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Meanwhile, Valmont will provide cosmetic products for the cabin's washrooms.

Travelers who are flying into Switzerland will receive a collectible tin can that features artwork of a member of the SWISS fleet and filled with their amenity items.

Individuals who purchase first class airfares will receive amenity kits that are the result of a collaboration between SWISS, Bally and La Prairie, a manufacturer of luxury cosmetics. According to officials from the airline, these two companies represent the bests in their fields.

Inside these kits, first class passengers will find everything that is available inside of the business class bags, in addition to Kleenex handkerchiefs, a comb and an assortment of La Prairie cosmetic products, including eye and hand creams.

As passengers in SWISS First soar through the air, they will be treated to a luxurious and tranquil in-flight experience that is similar to the one found aboard a private jet, according to the airline's website. The cabin staff caters to travelers' every wish in an environment that is said to be deserving of the first class title.

This high level of luxury service begins at the airport, where those with first class airfares can drive to the SWISS First Check-in Lounge and hand their keys over to the airline's valet parking service. After unwinding in the carrier's premium lounge, individuals will board their aircraft and take part in a multi-course dining experience that is on-par with one that may be found in a top restaurant.

Meanwhile, in the SWISS Business Intercontinental cabin, passengers are treated to in-flight services that leave travelers feeling rested before they step foot off the aircraft at their destination. 

By Jason Faulkner

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