SWISS International Air Lines introduces latest Taste of Switzerland offering

SWISS International Air Lines introduces latest Taste of Switzerland offering

When individuals book flights aboard SWISS International Air Lines, they can take advantage of several inflight amenities. On select routes, passengers who hold first class tickets and business class airfares are treated to the dining experience that is SWISS' Taste of Switzerland.

According to SWISS' website, this luxury dining experience is offered to travelers who have purchased first class airfares for long-haul flights out of Switzerland. This award-winning program serves up seasonal dining options that highlight the cuisine of the country and its cantons.

SWISS recently announced their latest Taste of Switzerland offering, which will be featured between now and the end of November. André Jaeger, the executive chef at Fischerzunft restaurant in Canton Schaffhausen in Northern Switzerland, will provide the menu for passengers who hold first and business class tickets.

According to airline officials, Jaeger's eatery is considered to be one of the top restaurants in Switzerland. The meals that are served in SWISS' luxury cabins have been created especially for the airline. Jaeger's dishes are known to combine traditional Swiss cuisine with accents from China and the East.

Passengers who purchase first class tickets have a chance to start their inflight meal with Jaeger's monkfish satay with wasabi cream beetroot salad, then dine on seared venison medallions with potato dumplings. If travelers prefer to buy business class tickets, they begin with Balik salmon tartar with cream of wasabi and balsamic baby onions, and follow this starter with a ragout of duck that contains hints of chocolate and orange.

In addition to new dining options, SWISS is introducing a selection of fine wines to accompany Jaeger's culinary creations. Each of the beverages hail from the Blauburgunderland region of Schaffhausen. In SWISS First, Sauvignon Blanc by 2009 Vintner of the Year Stefan Gysel and Cuvée Rouge, which is produced exclusively by Jaeger and the GVS Winery, are both available. In SWISS Business, premium passengers can enjoy Cuvée Blanche 4 by WeinStamm and Badwy Blauburgunder, a Pinot Noir from Bad Osterfingen.

SWISS officials announced that the Taste of Switzerland program, which expanded in 2009 to include dishes that are prepared by the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel, will continue to grow. In fact, beginning this month, premium customers who are flying to Delhi and Mumbai will be treated to meals from the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. 

By Christopher Straub

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