SWISS International Air Lines set to allow more free baggage

SWISS International Air Lines set to allow more free baggage

When flying by airplane, travelers may feel as though they have to pack light to keep in line with airline regulations. Fortunately, premium passengers are often allowed to carry additional baggage, free of charge.

For instance, individuals who purchase first and business class tickets for SWISS International Air Lines will have the opportunity to take advantage of the carrier's revised baggage regulations. According to company officials, the system-wide adoption of these revised provisions will provide customers with more free-baggage allowance as well as improved rates for additional luggage.

SWISS' carry-on baggage regulations will remain the same, which means that both first and business class customers are permitted to bring up to two items, free of charge. These pieces must not exceed eight kilos in weight.

The systemwide changes will apply to all tickets that are purchased after August 1, 2011, and, according to airline officials, will prove beneficial to those traveling internationally.

No matter what class passengers are flying, their baggage must not exceed total dimensions of 158 centimeters. Under the new regulations, travelers who have purchased business class airfares are now allowed to have two free pieces of up to 32 kilos each. Meanwhile, those who hold first class tickets can have three pieces of up to 32 kilos each.

For passengers whose baggage needs exceed the new provisions, SWISS will offer two per-piece rates, which are classified as Europe and Intercontinental.

Travelers who purchase first class tickets for a SWISS flight experience the type of comfort, tranquility and privacy that can be found on a private jet, according to the airline's website. This luxury cabin's flight attendants are also dedicated to attending to passengers' every need, no matter the size of the undertaking.

In addition to complimentary amenity kits, passengers have access to various forms of in-flight entertainment, including a large selection of newspapers and magazines.

Those who hold business class fares can experience similar levels of comfort, privacy and space, as the middle of all three-seat rows is always kept free on European flights.

When premium travelers are not in the air, they are allowed access to first and business class airport lounges. First class travelers can freshen up, grab something to eat or simply unwind at the SWISS First and Business Lounges at Zurich Airport. 

By Christopher Straub

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