Swiss to begin offering more individualized first class service

Swiss to begin offering more individualized first class service

Passengers in the first class cabin on flights operated by Swiss International Air Lines will be able to enjoy upgraded service in the coming months, reports SkyClub News.

The new first class concept, which will reportedly begin being used on March 2, is based around more individual service. The main feature of the new concept is the a la carte dining service in the first class cabin, which allows premium passengers to order a full meal at any time, allowing them to sleep without having to worry about missing an opportunity to eat.

Additionally, Swiss will also unveil new amenity kits later in the year. Passengers who receive this package will be able to enjoy pajamas, cushions and blankets as they relax in their seat, while they will also have access to a wider array of newspapers, magazines and other in-flight publications to read while on board.

"With our new first class concept, we're gearing our service even more to our customers' individual wishes and needs," said Sarah Klatt-Walsh, the head of in-flight service at Swiss. "As a result, we're giving them as much freedom as possible in how they choose to spend their time on board."

By Arnold Meyer

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