Thai Airways takes first class passenger feedback into consideration

Thai Airways takes first class passenger feedback into consideration

As luxury travelers have come to learn, premium airplane cabins tend to be a world of their own. However, while some carriers that use the Airbus A380 provide fully enclosed suites to those with first class tickets, Thai Airways would prefer not to, Australian Business Traveller reports.

The airline's reasoning for the decision was based on customer feedback, states the news source. In August 2012, the A380 will join Thai Airways' fleet to service regional routes, but the carrier's Thai Royal First class cabin will only feature partially closed mini suites.

"Our survey with passengers shows that more than half prefer partially closed suites, not something completely closed," Piyasvasti Amranand, the president of Thai Airways, tells the news outlet.

Travelers who purchase first class airfares or business class tickets for the airline's A380 will find that both cabins occupy the aircraft's upper deck. The news source states that the mini suites will be similar in nature to those available aboard Qantas and British Airways.

In the airline's Royal First cabin, the 12 fully flat bed seats that are available are each 26.5 inches wide, while those that are located in the center include a sliding privacy screen, the news outlet reports. Each passenger can enjoy in-flight entertainment directly from his or her own 23-inch personal video screen or visit one of two onboard lounge areas.

According to Thai Airway's official website, the onboard dining that passengers experience is considered to be a highlight of these premium customers' flights. Although they are flying high above the ground, individuals will feel as though they are seated in a gourmet restaurant as they are treated to a glass of wine as soon as they board their aircraft. In addition, the Royal First staff serves meals in accordance with travelers' preferences.

Travelers who prefer to purchase business class fares have 60 seating options in the Thai Royal Silk cabin, Australian Business Traveller reports. Here, passengers have 74 inches of legroom while sitting in 20-inch wide seats that can be converted into lie-flat beds. Additional in-flight amenities include a 15-inch personal video screen as well as access to the aircraft's bar.

Individuals with business class fares who are flying four hours or more will also receive complimentary travel kits, which include a toothbrush, toiletries and other necessities.

By Jason Faulkner

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