Two Swanky Trophy Travel Air Suites To Fly Before You Die

New First Class Suite on Singapore Airlines A380

Dallas, TX, November 7, 2011 -  In no particular ranking, here are two picks for world class suites in the sky that propels the first class travel experience into new uncharted territory.  This is part of an ongoing series spotlighting extraordinary products for the elite premium air travel market.
1.  Singapore Airlines Suites
Making regular first class air travel look rather second class, Singapore Airlines is a strong contender for leader of the pack when it comes to wowing passengers who want more of more.  Available on select A380 aircraft, the Singapore Suite is a completely private, sound proof (we're not going there) space featuring sliding doors, window blinds, a stand alone, full length bed with fine linens and turn down service, in addition to a plush leather armchair hand stitched by Italian craftsmen at Poltrona Frau, a 23" flat screen TV and a dazzling selection of fine dining options. You want more?  Of course you do, and Singapore Airlines is happy to pile it on in their quest to take the title of the most luxurious class of service in the air. The SIA suite life also includes top drawer beverages such as Dom Perignon, Krug, Grand Cru red Burgundy and second growth Bordeaux, Givenchy toiletries, bedroom slippers, sleeper suit and bedding, plus soothing mood lighting to ensure you are pampered in style each and every mile you fly.  Makes you feel for travelers shoehorned into economy class, which, rather perversely, is situated directly behind the suites.  Faring slightly better, the A380 business class has been kicked upstairs, so they won't have to suffer non-stop suite envy for the duration of a long haul flight. 
2. Emirates Private Suites
A world champion at creating ultra luxurious air travel products, Emirates hits it out of the park with their Private Suites.  This chic piece of sky real estate available on select A380 aircraft is almost unprecedented with spacious private suites, each equipped with an electrically operated sliding door, a personal mini-bar, adjustable ambient lighting, and its own vanity table, mirror and wardrobe. Factor in the Shower Spa and First Class Social Area/Lounge and Emirates continues to set the premium air travel bar a mile high. What exactly is a Shower Spa?  According to Emirates' website, it is "the first time in aviation history you can indulge in an invigorating shower at 43,000 feet".  Well, not wanting to nit-pick, but for the first time in commercial aviation history might be more accurate.  But still, emerging from your private, coddled cocoon suite to visit an airborne spa definitely qualifies as a trophy air travel experience.   Perhaps reading this you have visions of well traveled restrooms after a long flight, but fear not, Emirates have their Shower Spa experience down to an art form. With a range of treatments, this completely private spa offers a truly original inflight amenity for Private Suite passengers.  Simply alert the Purser what time you would like to pamper yourself and Shower Spa attendants will prepare the Spa prior to each appointment. The Shower Spa features Timeless Spa products with a choice of two shower treatments - Revive or Relax.  Our tip is to visit the spa twice: once to relax, once to revive. Moving onto the "First Class Social Area",  this lounge, which is located at the front of the upper deck is complete with a water feature and flattering lighting so passengers can enjoy world-class wines with gourmet small plates while "socializing" with other pampered Private Suite travelers.  With so much time being spent showering and socializing it could be easy to forget to revel in your suite!  Each Private Suite has a 23” flat screen, with over 1200 on-demand video and audio channels. The privacy divider separating the adjoining suites in the center row can also be lowered, allowing you to share the experience with your travel companion, just in case more socializing is on your agenda. The very convenient, if not decadent, Dine-on-Demand meal service allows you to order from an la carte menu any time you're feeling peckish.  When it's time to hit the hay, your crew will convert your seat into a fully flat bed with mattress.  You didn't think you would have to struggle with that chore, did you?  All in all, Emirates put a great deal of imagination and resources into developing what is clearly one of the world's best front of the plane products.
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Mel Webster is Creative Director at large with and loves turning left when boarding an aircraft.

By Mel Webster

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