Virgin Australia currently testing inflight internet service

Virgin Australia currently testing inflight internet service

These days, people are used to being connected to the internet at all times. Whether they are on foot, checking their email on their smartphone, or at home, browsing the web on a desktop computer, many individuals crave instant access information no matter where they are. So it should come as no surprise that airlines are looking into ways of introducing internet in their cabins.

For example, Australian Business Traveller recently reported that Virgin Australia is currently testing inflight internet on its domestic routes. There is the possibility that this service will be extended to the carrier's international flights, according to the news provider.

Being able to freely access the internet while high above the ground can be beneficial to all passengers, but especially professionals who purchase business class tickets and have work to do during their flights.

"We understand the importance of this offering for our guests and we are working hard to ensure we provide a quality product," Emma Copeman, a spokeswoman for Virgin told the news source. "We are currently evaluating a number of inflight entertainment options, including Wi-Fi."

Copeman added that she is aware of the demand for this inflight service, but that the airline is not prepared to say when internet service will officially be available or how much it will cost passengers, according to the news outlet. For Virgin, it would be easier to offer the inflight amenity on its domestic routes, as any flights in the Asia-Pacific region can prove challenging if they fly over China. This is due to the fact that the airline would have to comply with the strict restrictions the country has in place for internet use. Company officials are taking this and other factors into consideration as they review their web service options.

Despite whatever challenges Virgin may face, the news source stated that offering inflight internet would provide the airline with an advantage over its rival carrier, Qantas. Virgin is currently trying to appeal to a portion of travelers who regularly buy business class airfares.

While internet access may not be a permanent fixture on Virgin flights right now, passengers who purchase business class fares for Virgin can still take advantage of a variety of other premium cabin services. For instance, these travelers can recline in luxury leather seats while watching inflight entertainment from their very own 10.6-inch screen. 

By Jason Faulkner

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