Delta offers arrivals hotel to BusinessElite passengers at Heathrow

Delta offers arrivals hotel to BusinessElite passengers at Heathrow

Business class travelers on long-haul Delta Air Lines flights between the U.S. and London Heathrow Airport can freshen up at an arrivals hotel situated inside the air hub, reports Jaunted.

Thanks to a recent deal between the American carrier and "Yotel" - an on-site hotel located in Heathrow's Terminal 4 - Delta's BusinessElite passengers can relax in one of the facility's rooms for up to an hour after their flight touches down in the U.K.

Yotel has 40 small cabins ranging in size from 75 square feet on up. Travelers who take advantage of Delta's complimentary service can enjoy an ensuite bathroom, a large mirror, a twin bed, a flatscreen TV, free wireless internet access, toiletries and plush towels.

According to the source, Delta's arrivals hotel offers several advantages over a more traditional arrivals lounge. One trade-off of the hotel is that it does not include a free breakfast, but the writers said that they were not hungry because Delta's in-flight meal service had left them full. Instead, they appreciated having the chance to unwind and take a shower, as this gave them a chance to feel refreshed after spending several hours on a plane.

By Christopher Straub

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