Korean Air opens new luxury airport lounge

Korean Air opens new luxury airport lounge

Individuals who purchase first and business class tickets on a regular basis come to expect a high level of quality when they fly. Korean Air realizes the expectations of this clientele and has set out to improve its customers' airport lounge experience.

The airline recently opened its expanded Prestige Class Lounge at Incheon International Airport and is currently planning to upgrade its First Class Lounge at the same location.

While the airline already has a 1,226-square meter Prestige Class Lounge at the airport, which accommodates 290 travelers, the carrier decided to offer more space for customers who have purchased business class airfares. This new area, which is located next to the existing lounge, covers 1,100-square meters and boasts 160 seats.

As a result of this expansion, Korean Air now offers passengers with business class fares an enhanced luxury travel experience. In the lounge, individuals will find state-of-the-art facilities that address their various needs. For instance, people can grab a bite to eat before they board their aircraft or take a quick shower. Furthermore, there is a space in the lounge designed exclusively for female travelers that features both sleeping and powder rooms.

Beyond its airport services, Korean Air is committed to improving its premium customers' travel experience, according to airline officials. This dedication to passengers comfort can be seen in the carrier's updated fleet, as mid- to long-haul cabin facilities have all received extensive upgrades to their amenities, seating and entertainment systems.

When travelers purchase business class tickets for the airline's Prestige Class, they can take advantage of more than just an airport lounge. Passengers' receive premium service once they arrive at the airport, where they can quickly pass through exclusive check-in counters, according to the carrier's website. Korean Air also offers these individuals priority boarding and baggage handling services.

In the Prestige Class cabin, passengers' luxury travel experience continues as they have more than enough in-flight entertainment to keep them occupied as they fly to their destination. Among the options at the disposal of travelers are a vast selection of newspapers and magazines, as well as a library of movies and music to choose from.

Premium passengers who still have an appetite after snacking at the airport lounge can fill up in the air thanks to the menu of Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Western cuisine and wine options that are offered in the Prestige Class cabin.

By Christopher Straub

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