Several airlines offer in-flight bars

Several airlines offer in-flight bars

Premium passengers who fly on a regular basis have come to expect in-flight perks that are only available to individuals who purchase first or business class tickets. Airlines recognize this and continue to revamp the luxury travel experience.

With the introduction of larger and more spacious aircraft has come new opportunities for in-flight services that appeal to the sociable business passenger. For instance, bars are no longer confined to airport lounges, as many premium cabins feature sections where fellow fliers can mingle.

Individuals who purchase business class fares for Emirates' Airbus 380 will find what Australian Business Traveller refers to as the largest in-flight bar. As passengers walk to the back of the airplane's business class section, which is located on the upper deck, they will encounter a u-shaped bar and be follow a moving map on the back wall as well as LED lighting that creates Dubai landmarks.

According to Emirates' website, the onboard lounge is a good place to stretch one's legs, do a little reading or admire the view that is being broadcast from the plane's external cameras. However, Australian Business Traveller states that this area can get rather noisy on flights to the UK. As a result, passengers who prefer a quieter flight may want to select a seat far away from this lounge.

Passengers who book business class airfares for Korean Air's Airbus 380 will also have access to an in-flight bar, which is located at the front of the upper deck and is also entirely devoted to the carrier's Prestige Class, states the airline's website. Here, individuals can leave their seat, make their way to this lounge area and make themselves a drink or simply relax in another space.

Australian Business Traveller adds that the lounge was designed with help from Absolut and that the vodka makers have created six cocktails made especially for Korean Air passengers.

Virgin Atlantic takes its in-flight bars seriously and has had them installed in the Upper Class cabins across its entire fleet, according to the news source. These lounges are small in size, but offer a stylized experience that includes British design and mood lighting that might make passengers forget that they are flying thousands of miles in the air as they get to know their fellow fliers.

By Mary D'Angelo

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