The early morning perks of Australian business travel

The early morning perks of Australian business travel

Premium travelers who have flown in or out of Australia's Sydney Airport may have had the opportunity to spend time relaxing in one of the facility's lounges. However, those who had flights later in the day may not have had the chance to sample the breakfast options available. Fortunately, the Australian Business Traveler has.

The news source recently provided an overview of the early morning dining options that are available to Qantas and Virgin Australia passengers who have purchased business class tickets.

Every traveler can use a jolt of caffeine, especially when they are flying between time zones. Those who hold Qantas business class airfares can gain access to the Qantas Business Lounge, where they can enjoy barista service from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m., the news outlet reports. The coffee available is said to have a flavor that will not offend any particular palate and comes served with shortbread biscuits.

Travelers who are flying Virgin Australia with business class fares can visit The Lounge, where the barista bar is open at all times and serves up more flavorful coffee, according to the news source. Visitors to this premium area can also choose from a wide selection of treats, including moist chocolate and poppyseed mini-muffins.

After fueling up with a cup of coffee, travelers will want to have a bite to eat before boarding their planes. The news outlet was very impressed by the Qantas Business Lounge's menu, as it included options such as light and creamy eggs, thyme and cheddar hash browns, pork sausages, roasted onions and mushrooms.

Those who seek a simpler breakfast will find continental fare at each lounge. In addition to cereals, the news outlet states that the Qantas Business Lounge offers gluten-free and Bircher muesli, which is served in glasses with apple, spiced nuts and honey. Other light treats available include creamed rice with pears, rhubarb and pistachio nuts, Greek-style yogurt as well as a broad selection of pastries and breads.

Virgin Australia's lounge also offers a bakery selection of various breads and croissants, in addition to single-serve glasses of fresh berry yogurt and mixed nuts.

Beyond breakfast, travelers can stop in at the Qantas Business Lounge throughout the day and sample items from a menu that was designed by chef Neil Perry, according to the airline's official website. 

By Mary D'Angelo

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