Air France-KLM look to new technology to make travel experience better

Sometimes booking premier class tickets can be a hassle, with websites freezing or people unsure of what their availability truly is. Those frustrations may soon be a thing of the past, due to a new program that Air France-KLM Airlines will be utilizing.

Air France recently announced that it will begin using the Progress Actional Management Platform, which will offer better visibility and assist in delivering 100 percent availability in the reservation system. What does that means for travelers? It's going to be easier to find, book and confirm a seat.

The flight operations and E-booking systems are like a traditional business transaction, according to the news source and by making the process operate more smoothly, passengers will benefit.

It will be first implemented to monitor the airline's Electronic Booking Tool (EBT) in real time. The EBT is meant to give customers the option for an easier and more flexible booking system, which allows employees to then focus on other services that will make the first and business class traveling experience stand apart from the rest.



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