Air France looks to resume flights to Cambodia

Air France looks to resume flights to Cambodia

Business travelers who commute between Europe and Asia may have another way of flying between the two continents.

France's ambassador to Cambodia, Jean-Francois Desmazieres, told the Prime Minister of Cambodia that he supports the new Air France plan to resume direct flights to the country, according to The Phnom Pehn Post.

It would end a 35-year hiatus on the connection, according to the airline.

Currently business travelers have to fly to Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia and take a connecting flight into Cambodia, making it difficult for businessmen to get into the country quickly. It also makes it harder for visitors to come to the country on vacation.

“We hope the planned direct flight would lure many tourists from France and Europe since it would reduce travel time and expense,” Ho Vandy, president of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, told the news source.

Air France-KML Group has teamed up with many other airlines to push for direct flights back to the country, saying that without the flights, the region's status as a travel and business hub would soon be under threat. 


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