British Airways signs deal with creamery to produce first class snacks

Sometimes the prefect snack or meal can truly change a long haul flight experience. Airlines often boast about their world-class menus that offer passengers anything ranging from duck confit to sushi. British Airways, which is part of the OneWorld Alliance, is pulling ahead of the competition by signing an exclusive contract with a famous creamery.

British Airways recently signed a deal with the Wensleydale Creamery, which states that the cheese maker will produce the cheese served to first class and business class passengers.

The North Yorkshire creamery has created the Jervaulx Blue cheese, which will be served onboard.

Wensleydale will start serving its blue cheese on British Airway flights in October.

The cheese was recently awarded three gold stars at the Great Taste Awards this year, according to the company’s website.

British Airways is known for its contracts with a variety of organic farms that deliver the freshest produce available to first and business class passengers. The airline takes pride in providing the best available meals and snacks to its premium class passengers, which in turn creates a more pleasant flight experience.


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