Business class passengers on Finnair get iPad on flight

Business class passengers on Finnair get iPad on flight


Travelers who fly through Europe to get between the U.S. and Asia will soon see a new feature on their business class seats.

Finnair recently announced that they will be giving out iPads to business class passengers flying to Asia via the Helsinki airport. Travelers will be given a pre-loaded iPad, which will allow them to access daily newspapers, television shows, films, music and even some games.

This move is an attempt to encourage more business travelers, who need to fly through Helsinki to get to Asia, to use their airline. People who purchase business class tickets will be able to access the premier class lounge. iPads will also be provided for no cost in the lounges for travelers to use.

“We are committed to continuing our strong growth in Asia-Europe traffic and will take advantage of strengthening demand in the market," said Mika Vehvilainen, the CEO of the airline.

The iPad is one of the newest innovations to come out from Apple. The device is a handheld, touchscreen tablet that makes for easy reading and browsing.

By Jason Faulkner

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