Lufthansa looks to go green with biofuels

Lufthansa looks to go green with biofuels

The green movement is taking the world by storm, and the airline industry is quickly catching up with other industries that have already jumped on the bandwagon.

According to Bloomberg, Lufthansa has recently announced that it plans to be the first passenger carrier to test the use of biofuels on regular flights. This is part of the industry's mission to try to find ways to not only save money on fuel purchases but also to lower carbon-dioxide emissions.

The fuel will be 50 percent kerosene, which will be derived from plant oils. The kerosene will be mixed with traditional fuel, on one of the A321 aircraft that will fly between Hamburg and Frankfurt, according to the airline.

Other carriers like British Airways and Continental Airlines are also trying to curb emissions by starting to plan test flights.

Lufthansa's program is scheduled to begin in April and last for six months, according to the news source.

By Mary D'Angelo

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