Singapore Airlines decision to keep premium services paying off

During the slump of the economic downturn, many airlines started cutting premium services across all areas. Many airlines, like Qantas, even announced plans that they would reduce or even get rid of first class. However, Singapore Airline's decision to keep business and first class offerings, seems to be what is keeping the airline popular.

According to The Australian, that decision is paying off since the airline will be launching a second daily service from Sydney in October on the luxury aircraft - the A380.

The airline said their decision to keep their premier class offerings was because they believed that business class travelers would still be looking for those services, and would eventually come back once the economy stabilized.

"We did see the business class come back stronger than anything else and it's continuing to," Nick Ionides, the airlines vice president of public affairs told the news source. "It's coming back faster than the economy."

The A380 is proving popular with first and business travelers, with its extra room and lie-flat beds. The superjumbo jet is quickly becoming the preferred aircraft for long haul flights, for business class travelers.


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