Oman Air offers limousine service to first class passengers

Oman Air offers limousine service to first class passengers

For some travelers with first class tickets, the luxury flying experience begins before they even board their planes. Oman Air now provides this opportunity for customers who fly out of Muscat International Airport in the Sultanate of Oman.

Through a new partnership with Audi, Oman Air is now in possession of a fleet of chauffeur-driven Audi A8s that will be used to transport passengers from the airport's first class lounge to their aircraft.

According to airline officials, Audi's A8 limousines reflect the travel experience that Oman's first class customers experience in the air. The automobiles are said to be fast, powerful and elegant.

"Oman Air's First Class service offers unprecedented levels of luxury and the addition of our lounge-to-aircraft limousine service will provide even greater comfort and convenience," says Abdulrazaq Al Raisi, the airline's chief commercial officer. "The new service will utilise Audi's flagship A8 limousines, whose refinement and elegance perfectly complement Oman Air's First Class experience, both at our new, state-of-the-art lounge at Muscat and onboard our outstanding Airbus A330-300 aircraft."

James Oliver, Audi's general manager adds that the A8 is the epitome of a first class experience.

Both Muscat's First Class and Business Class lounges were first introduced earlier this year. Before boarding the Audi limousines, individuals who have purchased first class airfares have a chance to unwind, have a bite to eat or receive a complimentary massage in this special section of the airport.

Not too long before that, in October 2009, Oman Air introduced its fleet's first class travel options. The airline offers a truly exclusive flying experience, as there are only six seats available in the first class cabin. The carrier's website compares what passengers experience in this luxurious section of the plane to what they may find aboard a private jet.

In addition to dedicated flight attendants, Oman's first class cabins come equipped with a lounge area and wide seats that extend into fully lie-flat beds. From a 23-inch seatback monitor and massage system to mobile phone and wi-fi connectivity, travelers have more than enough to keep their mind occupied as they fly to their destination.

Oman Air was also recently honored with the World's Best Business Class Airline Seat award at the 2011 World Airline Awards at the Paris Air Show. 

By Jason Faulkner

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