Virgin America passengers sample summer menu in first class cabin

Virgin America passengers sample summer menu in first class cabin

Frequent fliers who purchase first class tickets know exactly what type of premium service they can expect every time they set foot on a plane. Depending on the airline, these travelers may be in for an extra treat, as many carriers offer special seasonal menus.

Virgin America is the latest airline to provide a seasonal menu for the summer months. Individuals who hold first class airfares will have an opportunity to taste the latest delicacies from the California-based carrier, which in 2009, won Travel + Leisure's Best Domestic Airline for Food award.

In addition, Virgin America was named Conde Nast Traveler's Best Domestic Airline for three consecutive years in a row at the Reader's Choice Awards.

The airline revamps its in-flight menus on a quarterly basis in order to reflect the different seasons through locally-sourced dining options. Whether passengers are eating fruits and vegetables or premium meats, they can rest assured that these menu items are both fresh and sustainable.

Although the meals available in Virgin America's first class cabin will vary by flight, passengers can expect to see a wide variety of complimentary breakfast, appetizers, entrees and dessert options.

For breakfast, choices may include a roasted vegetable or zucchini omelet, summer watermelon or fresh strawberry and blueberry salad, fruit plate with egg and chive biscuit, breakfast tapas as well as a few other options.

As an appetizer, travelers can sample the chicken sushi roll, ravioli sampler or the tapas roasted beef and potobello salad. Then, for their main meal, passengers can dine on peri peri chicken, seared salmon and pork belly or the spicy grilled fillet of beef.

If there is still room for dessert, then first class passengers can enjoy l'artisan macaroons, assorted petits fours with strawberries or raspberry key lime pave.

The nutritious menu options will be available throughout the summer on Virgin America's routes, which take travelers to cities across the U.S., including New York, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

Passengers who have purchased first class tickets for Virgin America flights fly in a spacious cabin that only has eight, white leather seats with massage features, according to the airline's official website. In addition to the complimentary menu, travelers can enjoy entertainment options and are allowed two checked bags, free of charge.

By Arnold Meyer

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