British Airways to offer premium travel options for flights to Russia

British Airways to offer premium travel options for flights to Russia

While British Airways has provided service to Russia for more than 50 years, travelers aboard these flights have not had the chance to purchase first and business class tickets and enjoy all the perks that accompany premium airfares. However, come April 2012, this is set to change, the airline's website reported.

These changes to British Airways' Russian routes were announced during a recent UK trade delegation to Russia. The airline's current service provides three daily flights between London Heathrow Airport and Moscow Domodedevo Airport. In April 2012, this service will transition from short-haul flights aboard planes with two cabins to long-haul flights and the option of up to four cabins. According to airline officials, these flights will be aboard the airline's Boeing 747s and 767s.

"We are proud to have been flying to Russia for over fifty years," said Sir Martin Broughton, the chairman of British Airways. "It is an important and growing market for us and we want to reflect our commitment to the region and our customers by enhancing our services and increasing the number of seats that are available to Moscow."

As a result of these changes, individuals will now be able to book first and business class airfares for the flights to Moscow and enjoy the carrier's award-winning luxury travel services.

For instance, travelers who purchase first class tickets will have an opportunity to fly in style. These premium passengers will relax in a seat that can become a fully flat bed. As individuals change into their complimentary pair of soft cotton pajamas, the cabin crew will provide the airline's turndown service.

Other perks that come with first class airfares include adjustable electronic blinds on pasengers' personal windows and a distinct lighting system.

Meanwhile, travelers who hold business class fares will be able to fly in British Airway's Club World cabin. Here, passengers can also get some sleep while relaxing in a seat that can be converted into a 63.5-centimeter wide bed. In addition to the memory-foam headrest, quilt and privacy screen that are included with travelers' chairs, is an array of other inflight amenities, such as a complimentary wash bag that is filled with essential products, like toothpaste, earplugs and skincare products.  

By Christopher Straub

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