Emirates ticket sales rise in the UK

Emirates ticket sales rise in the UK

Interest in flying aboard Emirates has grown since the airline introduced the Airbus A380 to its flights out of Manchester, according to the Manchester Evening News. After the carrier started to use the jumbo jet, it has managed to sell 2,000 first class tickets for luxury cabin seats.

Since the introduction of the A380 on Emirates' Dubai route, the total number of passengers has increased by 50 percent, the news source reported. Meanwhile, the amount of cargo the United Arab Emirates carrier is able to fly has grown by 40 percent. The rise in interest is due to two factors, according to Laurie Berryman, the airline's UK vice president. First, several businesses are looking for new export opportunities to the Dubai-region, while leisure travelers also have an interest in exploring new parts of the world.

Berryman told the news outlet that the rise in sales for first class airfares is due in part to wealthy entrepreneurs and Premier League footballers who have made purchases.

"Going back to 12 months ago, we were concerned about adding the extra capacity and it was a bit of a step into the unknown," Berryman added. "However, as has been the case with Manchester time and again, we have filled the extra capacity we put into the market."

This past July, the number of passengers on Emirates flights out of Manchester increased from 22,000 in 2010, to 33,000 one year later, the news source reported. These figures have exceeded the airline's expectations. In fact, the carrier is so pleased with the results that it plans to introduce a second jumbo jet to Manchester at some point over the next two years. Additional plans would see the A330 aircraft that is currently in use upgraded to an A777.

Outside of the UK, Emirates is looking for ways of boosting the sale of its first and business class tickets. For example, the airline recently targeted Canadian customers through a two-day flash sale. From September 7-8, individuals could book their flights online and receive up to 20 percent off their seats.

The discount first class airfare and cheap business class airfare are valid for any round-trip flights leaving Toronto between September 8 and October 31, 2011 for any destination within the Emirates route network.

By Mary D'Angelo

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