Lufthansa Terminal offers first class travel experience

Lufthansa Terminal offers first class travel experience

Many of the world's airports provide first class travelers with an opportunity to relax or pamper themselves in special lounges. However, Lufthansa makes luxury travel even more exclusive at its First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport, Reuters reports.

To gain entry into this terminal, the news source states that individuals have to pay full fare for international first class tickets, or be a HON Circle Member, which is an honor reserved for the airline's best customers. Individuals who wish to experience this section of the airport cannot purchase a day pass, nor can they gain entry simply by receiving a flight upgrade.

According to Lufthansa's official website, the airline had the exclusive terminal built because they feel that the first class experience extends to travelers' time spent both on land and in the air. For the airline, this means making sure that its passengers who have purchased first class airfares have the ability to board their planes in a fast and convenient manner, as well as a pleasant setting where they can wait for their flight.

The first class travel experience begins when individuals arrive at the airport. The airline's website states that Sixt Valet Service staff are there to make sure that passengers' rental cars are returned to the depot and their baggage is taken care of. From there, a Lufthansa personal assistant will ensure that fliers are checked in for their flight and gain entry into the First Class Terminal.

Lufthansa's terminal covers 1,800 square meters over two floors, according to the website. Reuters was recently granted a special tour inside this facility to see what only 200 to 300 travelers get to experience on a daily basis, such as the facility's dining area.

The news source noticed that not only did the bar have 86 different kinds of whiskey for customers to choose from, but several jars of candy as well - all compliments of Lufthansa. Also free of charge in the terminal is any food that first class ticket holders would like to order.

According to the airline's website, dining options include hot or cold meals from the terminal's buffet or à la carte menu. Those who are not hungry may prefer to unwind in the terminal's own cigar lounge.

By Christopher Straub

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