• Christopher Straub - Editor

    Christopher Straub has many years of experience in the fields of business and travel journalism. After a fruitful career as a journalist in Chicago, Christopher is now the Lead Editor at Access Fares. His primary areas of expertise include reporting on news relating to airline mergers and new flight routes.

  • Mary D'Angelo - Journalist

    Mary D'Angelo is the lead journalist for Access Fares. Having spent much of her life traveling around the globe, she primarily writes news about airline services, cabin updates, and travel destinations.

  • Arnold Meyer - Journalist

    Arnold Meyer is a staff writer for Amsterdam Printing with years of experience writing on luxury traveling and airline news. Arnold brings his vast expertise in these areas as an Access Fares journalist.

  • Jason Faulkner - Journalist

    Jason Faulkner is a staff writer at Access Fares. A recent college graduate, his primary concentration includes news on business travel and airline news.

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To contact the AccessFares news department please E-Mail